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Our Vision: To Be The Best Mortgage Company In For Canada

We think that’s something worth working for.

We Care: About Our Community, Our City,
And Every Client That Walks Through Our Door

Million Dollars Lent to Calgarians
Meals Provided to Those in Need
Cups of Coffee Conusmed

10% of our bottom line goes back into the community

Taking a page out of Village Brewery’s playbook, we’ve committed to put 10% of our profits back into the community. Whether it is performance groups like Revv 52, charities like the United Way, or vital organizations like the Mustard Seed, we put the money back into Calgary. You could say it’s a 360 degree cycle.

We Believe: Everyone Has A Right to the 3 Basic Needs


We Earn A Living Helping People Buy Their Homes. We Help People Buy Homes So We Can Give Back To The Community.

Who We Are

Article Originally Published in The Difference Makers

One would think the focus of a company called Mortgage360 would first and foremost be on loans, but something else actually tops the list.

The spotlight is on people. Every decision at Mortgage360 is made with the client and the community in mind.

That purpose makes going to work continually enriching for co-founders Nolan and Jen Matthias. Partners in life, with a new son and also partners at work, they created Mortgage360 specifically with their vision of how clients should be treated.

From the first point of contact with the staff at Mortgage360, it’s clear they do things differently. They don’t just help homeowners get a mortgage — they allow them to choose the one that best meets their needs after arming them with knowledge. “We empower our clients with education,” says Jen.

Homegrown in Calgary, Mortgage360 was designed around working as a team, not as a company that houses individual mortgage professionals.

That decision changed the way they look at the business, turning the focus directly on what most benefits the client. While they may be in the mortgage business, their ultimate job is to help people. “We guide the process. The client makes the decision,” Nolan says.

At Mortgage360, the client is shown the rate sheet, previously unheard of in the industry. “We want our clients to be completely informed,” he adds.

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We Have People Who Specialize in the Following

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Divorce Financing

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinances

Real Estate Investment

Mortgages For Lawyers

Mortgage Renewals

Mortgages for Doctors

Mortgages for Self Employed

Mortgage 360 Delivers the Best Service in the Industry

Hiring a Calgary mortgage broker means that you have one-stop access to a variety of trusted lenders. When you work with our experienced team of brokers, you have people working on your behalf to deliver the best possible deal on your home mortgage. Instead of spending hours comparing offers online and agonizing over which decision is best for you, you’ll have an advocate who will help you access the best mortgage Calgary brokers have to offer.

Avoid Mortgage Pitfalls
High interest rates. Interest-only loans. Negative amortization. We’ve seen every bad product on the market, and we’re ready to help you obtain only the highest quality mortgages Calgary residents deserve. We’ll never force you into a product that could lead you to future financial devastation. Testimonials from our clients will tell you that we operate with the highest standards of integrity in the industry.

Express Lane

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect home and are competing with other buyers to put down the best offer. With our Express Lane service, you can immediately contact a broker who will tell you all that you need to know about your mortgage options. You’ll go back to the negotiating table with the confidence that you have the name of a trusted broker behind you, and you’ll know your options for Calgary mortgages.

Get the Answers You Need
When you obtain a mortgage Calgary homeowners can trust through us, you’ll have all of the mortgage industry jargon explained to you in an understandable way. We’ll explain all of the terms and conditions of your loan and make sure that you have all of the information you need before making a decision. We’re committed to finding you the deal that meets your needs and to transparently guiding you through the process.

Explore Mortgages

Sometimes, you need someone to help you educate yourself about mortgages Calgary homeowners can obtain. Our brokers take the time to not only find you the best deal but also to guide you through the entire process. We’ll ask practical questions about your family’s budget, lifestyle and future plans so that we can help you to choose from among a variety of Calgary mortgages.

Trusted Mortgage Brokers
Calgary mortgage brokers Nolan Matthias and Jen Mikla have years of industry experience. We know how to spot the best deals on the market, and we know how to negotiate on your behalf. When you work with us, you will be working with people who follow the best practices in the business. You’ll get the mortgage that you need and the security that comes from making the best possible decision. Are you ready to become a homeowner? Then contact Mortgage 360